Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things I will miss

. Wednesday, May 12, 2010 .

about our old house...

Easy choice:  The pool.  This shot is before we got the fence around it.  Love a FenceD pool, couldn't without that safety net...

we had some great times in that pool, dang they're 'spensive to maintain though.
We'll eventually save our pennies for one I suppose (at least the hubs thinks so)

Random stuff:
The butterfly wall:
Not sure if you can tell from the pic, but these covered almost the entire wall!

The bathroom signs (names blurred to protect the innocent)
This was made to keep the 1 1/2 year old out while her big sister was going--barring the fact that she can't read :)  We all tried to take it very seriously, it did come down from the bathroom commissioner, you know.

A Big one:
The growth chart.  I got a little tear taking this bad boy down.  I moved the chart of course, but the marker on the wall can't come with...
please note that it took my oldest less than four months to go from the same height as me to a full inch of the beginning of looking down on me-yikes!

One last thing I'll miss coming up in another post. So much blood sweat and tears went into it, it gets it's own post.