Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Accessorizing the Cabinet

. Wednesday, June 30, 2010 .

ok peeps!  I haven't been able to post much, ever since Emster was sick, she was good enough to share it with the rest of us (I'm still recovering and WiPeD), but I'm trying to play catch-up. Now down to business!
 You've seen the new bathroom cabinet...Now let's make it a little purty, shall we?
I actually need would love your feedback or else I might lose my mind with obsessing need to start over...
First, I kinda had my heart set on some bird cages and this little birdie I found when I shopped my house
Cute, eh?!  The heavier bird cage is from GW (50cents!) that I spray-painted and the birdcage is from HobLob on Clearance!
Dontcha just love it? Lookie at how much it was!
I snatched her up, not knowing what to do with her until now. (Um, yah I was just spray painting, not that my nails EVER look any different)
So I thought it would all work, until I took the pic...
meh, not much impact, eh?
So then I shopped the house some more...
Love these see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil monkeys...IMG_6755
but they just turned into a big dark nothing (eek, not The Nothing!)
and this just ugh, 
so then I had these just sitting in a box from the move so I tried them out...
The level isn't so great, I'm working on that...
Here is where we are at now (not much change, I know I know...)
Whatcha think?
Which of the three do you like the best?  Or do you think I should go in a completely different direction?  I'd love some glass jars of cotton balls and whatnot, but I'm not sure...

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A New Cabinet!

. Tuesday, June 29, 2010 .

Two things I'm a sucker for: old furniture and rummage sales.  And what goes together better than old furniture from a rummage sale! (Maybe ice cream and peanuts :D )

Anywho, I go this ugly old cabinet at a sale for like $3!  Seriously!  And I am a seriously bad blogger for not being able to find a decent before picture.  (side note: how do you organize your photos?  Mine are a crazy mess!) Here is what it is in much better condition than I got
(I took that one after paint--woooops!)   
and they sell for A LOT more than you think, way more than three buckeroos!
Mine was stained much darker and was in really really sad shape with water damage and the like.  The top was coming off and it had no back.  Although, I'm kinda thinkin' it never had a back since it housed a radio?  
Here's my only before pic that I can find :)
Here is what happened next: 
sand, sand, sand--the top did NOT sand well, but that's ok--you'll see why soon
prime, prime, prime (with my good friend Mr. Zinsser-oil based primer)
paint, paint, paint-with the same white that I used for the trim in my house--because I still have some left

dontcha love these details!  Did I mention it was only tha-ree greenbacks?!
btw, yes I am a rule-breaker and no I do not remove the doors or hardware when I paint-neener neener neener :D
back to our regularly scheduled steps
sand sand sand again--but only in selective areas--gotta bring back some of that old character
glaze, glaze, glaze-to make it look really old a worn

uh-oh, too much glaze! 
 No worries, this stuff is moveable for a good 20 minutes, even in the AZ heat, just wipe off the extra or get a wet rag and scrub-a-dub-dub

Then realize that you have no floor space in your oddly shaped master bath! oof!
 Pout a little because you really need storage space in your oddly shaped master bath.
Call your handy Pops to come to your rescue, even though he shakes his head when you tell him what you want.  Luckily, he helps you do it anyway!
Hang your cabinet on the wall of your oddly shaped master bath!

then realize you your new cabinet
 It's also going to be our towel rack above the bathtub.  Oh and I need new knobs--waiting for some 50% action at the HobLob!  Do you love it?  I lurve it!
I'm thinking of doing a little tutorial of how we hung it and of course a post on the accessories!  I can't decide yet what to put on there though...I think I hear Goodwill calling my name...

I'm also linking to some par-tays:
Go check out all the creative projects! Sooooo much gah-reat stuff out there!


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Tale of Two Hospitals

. Sunday, June 27, 2010 .

WarninG: this is a long post with very few pictures

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

In the last two days I have spent some time in two hospital emergency rooms.  One with several people near and dear to my heart and the other with complete strangers.

 I have to give you some back story.  My husband had an interview on Friday morning and I had to work (my work is freelance and sparse, so I do not typically have my offspring with a sitter).  A family friend was supposed to watch the little blt's as Gman was on a week-long hike and my parents went on vacay.  Family friend=sick.  I went down the list of other peeps I thought could watch my girls and said no for different reasons. :(  I had a total pity party for myself Thursday night as my husband cancelled his interview to stay home. I'm a big baby sometimes :)
My 3yo got out of bed several times that night, complaining of stomach pain.  Back to bed she went, remember the pity party was going on, plus I figured she just wanted to stay up.  I went off to work Friday and during the day the hubs and I talked back and forth about her tummy.  I still said-don't worry about it she just ate something, give her gatorade and keep her hydrated.  After her nap she cried for 45 minutes straight, so off to the doc he took her.  At this point, she's running a  good strong fever and I'm thinking well I guess she has a little bug. (More back story is my hubs likes to go to the doc--I do not like the doc it's not a trust thing, I just hate the waiting room wait).  I'm working away when he sends me a text that they're on their way to the Emergency Room! Wha?  I leave work (which is practically unheard of in my industry/department--I work in film production) and meet them at the hospital--I actually beat them there--hello Maria Andretti :).
We are immediately put into a room and then the waiting begins...

You know they take the rule things out approach--is it a UTI?  Is it bad food?  Is it (worst case scenario) appendicitis?  They think it's her appendix-oof!  First though, she needs to pee in a cup.  She won't pee in the cup.  So....they have to do a catheter.  I won't tell you how that went here.  It was awful.awful.awful.  Then they need blood and want to put in an IV.  In both of these situations, I am holding her down still so they can do it safely and hopefully quickly.  The IV didn't go so well and she started crying that she had to go potty (remember we just finished the catheter) all of a sudden--she goes!  All over herself and me.  Good times. (I am now the proud owner of some spiffy green scrubs they were good enough to give me).  Fast forward several hours, that passed at a glacial pace, and we did an ultrasound and a CT scan and the doc tells us he thinks it may have ruptured!  Ruptured!  I don't like that word.  While we are going through this time, LB's godparents took her for us (though she was charming the staff with her destructo antics) and our pastor came and prayed with us for NO rupture :).
Close to midnight the CTscan comes back clear--yippee skippee--and a very distinguished surgeon (no Grey's Anatomy here--though the ER peeps were dapper) visits us and says he doesn't think it is her appendix.  Let's all have a collective sigh of relief shall we?!
They can't be sure though.  She is going to spend the night and they keep the surgery scheduled just in case.
The next 12 hours are relatively uneventful, she has a viral infection in her lymph nodes--did you know there are lymph nodes in your stomach?  I didn't.  I sleep a few hours with LB.  The hubs stays with Emster.  I go to work after seeing the doctor again in the morning, knowing that if tests come back clean she is cleared to come home.  Again, LB is hanging with her Godmother and many friends continue to lift us up in prayer through fb and my lovely friend Jenn who got the word out to some other peeps I know.

Now onto the next part of our story.  It is the last shoot day at the University of Phoenix stadium for a commercial for the University.  Good crew that worked hard.  We are loading the truck at the end of the day, when a minivan pulls up about 30 feet from us.
An older woman gets out and goes around to the side where she stands for a long time.  Eventually, I walk over to see if she needs something?  A young man inside asks for some water.  We have water aplenty and one of the guys brings some over.
  Her other grandson has just had a grand mal seizure.  Both of the boys are special needs.  She doesn't want to call 911, but hello people it was at least 115 degrees on that blacktop! The young man seizing, Brian, is just getting worse.  Finally 911 is called and the security from the stadium try to lend a hand.  The firefighters and paramedics arrive and everyone goes home except for me.  Everyone is shaken up (even me, this sick peeps thing makes my heart hurt).  I realized that the Grandma, all by herself, has these two grandsons and a car here in the parking lot.    She is going to ride in the ambulance, so I offer to drive her other grandson, Aaron to the hospital.  Things move very quickly (in a way those firefighters have a clown car--they fit so many of them in there, they just kept coming out to help move this kid into the ambulance) and off they go.  I drive Aaron, whom is shaking like a leaf and trying to call the rest of his family from my cell phone, to the hospital.  Where the waiting begins again...

The two of us sit in the waiting room (have I mentioned that I hate to wait!), as they don't want him to come back into the ER.  He is visibly upset and I try to talk to him about his interests.  He is still hoping to talk to his mom so she can come down there.  She is probably busy though he tells me (wha?! um, hello your other kid is here lady).  We wait for what seems like a long time--seriously, is every hospital a time warp?!  Eventually, we are permitted into the back and he gets to see his Grandma and his brother. The security guy doesn't want me there, especially when he finds out I'm just some random driver and not family.  I wished them luck and left them with my phone number so they can call me if they need a ride (back to their van).

My heart went out to this woman.  She cares, all by herself, for these boys. I was blessed to have the chance to help her out. On a certain level, seeing her in the hospital had a deeper impact on me than having my own daughter in another hospital. Here I was feeling sorry for myself on Thursday, when I was suddenly surrounded by love and support on Friday.  Then, not even 24 hours later, I am trying to support a total stranger.  Funny how life brings things full circle--God just sneaks those ones in there on ya, doesn't he?

I am so thankful for friends and family that step up to the plate when needed.
I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve others.
I pray that young man was ok and I hope you and yours are well also.
Finally, Em is much better, she is kicking me through a pillow as I type this so I will go play with her.  Have a lovely Sunday peeps!
***I'm linking this to the Inspired Room, as this experience has inspired my (more positive) attitude all week.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Excitement all around!

. Saturday, June 26, 2010 .

I've been missing this little bloggy screen peeps!  I've had a busy week and the last 24 hours have been especially crazy.  I'm going to write all about that tomorrow, but this post could.not.wait!

I posted over at a fun blog called along for the ride last week.  And you'll never believe it!  My kitchen re-do was featured!  Yowza and a half!  Laura hosts a Saturday is Crafty day party--you should go check it out!  (she is also doing this coolio 90 day challenge, I want to try it).  There are so many creative things out there peeps, go on, click it and check it!
Big thankful shout-out to Laura! :)

Oh and I've been totally rearranging the kitchen shelves and taking pics so I can compare looks--is that a little too obsessive?! Ya wanna see the pics?

(pee to the ess-can ya tell me how to post someone's button?)

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's a Wednesday thing

. Wednesday, June 23, 2010 .

I've seen this done a few times, called 'Wordless Wednesday.'  Where peeps put pictures up of what's going on in their lives.  Here is what I'm up to the next few days and why I won't have much time for blogging... (and yes I realize this is 50 words!)

and picture whatever you like for 
someone's EGO!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog Buddies

. Tuesday, June 22, 2010 .

Today I just feel like throwin' some stuff out there...

Isn't it funny how when you get to know peeps online--either through a message board or by reading their blog, you feel like you totally know them?  Even if they live half the country away?!  I love the glimpse you get into their lives, I'd like to be able have a cup of coffee and laugh until I cry with some of the women whose blogs I read.  Of course, they haven't got even an eensy teensy clue who I am but hey, don't they know I like a hot latte and a honey bran muffin early in the morning!?  A few of my closer to home friends are doing these get to know you posts, I have really enjoyed reading them.  Here are some random factoids about me

  • I wanted to be a ventriloquist when I was a kid--funny because I currently direct a puppet ministry!  I love puppeteering, it's amazing the personality people have within, that comes out when they are hidden behind a curtain.
  • I don't eat butter (as a spread)--I got sick on it as a kid, after eating loads of bread and butter.
  • I love to paint.  Walls, pictures, myself :)--it really doesn't matter the color.  I don't like white walls, you might think my house has toooo much color, but I think it reflects the varied and colorful nature of the desert where I live.  You don't think the desert is colorful, come for a visit and I'll show ya!
  • I can't cook, but I love to eat--wow there's news all around :)
  • my 3 year old takes really good pictures, I might devote a few posts to her shots--

I just love this shot she took--fingerprints and all
  • I find my kids to be hee-lair-ee-oussss! Here are some of the things going on around here

cooking fabulous flapjacks

how she decided to wear her jammies

this is just an old pic I adore!

I realize that I'm at a crossroads of sorts in my life right now.  Choices challenge me as a look around my pretty new house.  Projects?  Purging? (un)Packing? Praying?  A good friend recently told me I need to ListeN more and TalK less (I think she meant whine less, but who's counting).  Kind of on that same grateful track we talked about the other day.  I think a good P for me would be purposeful.  What is your letter of the day?  (Yes I watch a lot of Sesame Street!)

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When life gives you lemons...


The bean decided she'd had enough of this life and moved into the coat closet

she had not only a stash of food, but i later found a bunch of single shoes, she had them all lined up in the back
Our neighbors have a lemon tree that keeps dropping into our yard. 
 So we picked a bunch to make lemonade.  
Broke out the brand new juicer and juiced and juiced and juiced...
the recipe called for six lemons to make one cup of juice. 
 We used all these and barely got a cup.  I'm apparently inept at juicing :)

(it's 105 here and she wears a sweatshirt-wacky)
we stirred it up a bit 

then we tasted it

notsomuch (which is interesting because she ate a whole lemon slice not long ago)

Next it was cupcake time! 

bang bang bang on the egg baby! bang bang!

cupcake papers are serious business

I hate to wait!  She didn't like that they had to go into the oven


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Monday, June 21, 2010

On my mind right now

. Monday, June 21, 2010 .

We are watching the Dark Knight.  The boy blts have seen it several times.  Me?  I'm not big on scary or intense movies.  I can hardly watch.  Movies with endings you can't predict or where peeps get hurt, they make my heart hurt.  I'm a little wonky that way.
I dont think they like it when I surf for a few minutes...then ask them what just happened? It makes it bearable to me.  I don;t think I like this movie.  Don't shake your bloggy heads at me, I know Heath Ledger was a great actor.  It's just how I'm made.  Yea God for oddballs :)

Anywho, my folks have gone off to China on vacation.  I miss them.  Hmmm. Makes me feel like a kid again.  They left me this.

Doesn't that look yummy.  I didn't want to share it with the boys, I know it was their turn to pick the movie, it's just so hard to watch.

Look at what my LB wore to church.  Couldyounotjustdie.

seriously i can hardly watch this movie.  well shot and directed, but so much emotion.  i'm too involved too easily--story of my life :)

I could do an entire blog post about this dress!  meep!

My girls are in bed and the boys are involved in the tube.  I start to reflect on everything going on around me...
It's been quite a year here at the blt house.  I think I need to work on being more grateful.  I've been a little bit ungrateful lately I think.  cranky-crankmeister.  and not sleeping--too much worry.  do you ever feel so overwhelmed about your decisions?  I worry about my kiddos.  giving the right opportunities while encouraging them to be independent.  You pray, you analyze, you discuss (repeatedly).  eat sleep repeat.

what a manic post, eh?  how are you doing?

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