Saturday, June 5, 2010

How to: garage sale

. Saturday, June 5, 2010 .

Dear garage sales,
Oh how I love thee!  Your dusty junk calls to me!
Having my own, or going out alone.
Sometimes there's the wheel and deal, oh how to feel!
Some take advantage-that- I don't like to manage!
Getting rid of stuff,  feels good, sure enough!
going in the heat, isn't very neat!
I cannot seem to stop, such fun to shop shop shop.
Yes, we will meet again-next weekend!

We had a sale this weekend.  Here are my random important tips for how to have a garage sale...

Have lots of signage! Feel good about said signage, until house at the corner has a sale too and steals all your business!

Have lots of table and organized stuff! 

Have a free pile (feel free to move stuff into your free pile as the 2nd day drags on continues.)
(do not be offended when one person takes ALL of the free items, while you were hoping your generosity of spirit would bring warm fuzzies to ALL shoppers!)
Yes, we even had free water!  No over-heating allowed :)
Have something really old with the ORIGINAL receipt from 1948!

Have at least one creepy cool item

creepy or cool, you decide!?
Be prepared to negotiate

 Have a cord for testing (or for plugging in your laptop)

and the all important price stickers!

unless of course your mother doesn't use them, then leave them sitting in the garage.ahem...

We were making some moolah, until I junked up the new house some more with stuff from the above mentioned neighbor's sale...
Is it really a sickness?  Perhaps!  Happy weekend to you!


Isaac said...

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