Monday, June 14, 2010

Kitchen Re-do part 7-almost done

. Monday, June 14, 2010 .

Sorry to leave ya hanging last time!  I forgot to take a pic of what I chose--bad, bad blogger.
The last piece of the re-do was the new lighting.  We replaced the ugly old track lighting with recessed cans and some pendant lighting.  Oh my pendant lights--my new crush...
At first, we were going to do this ourselves.  I bought the nifty circle cutter from Lowe's and their multi-pack of recessed-can lights.  Well, the hubs doesn't know much about those things, my Pops was a busy bee, and our other possible help just didn't work out.
Anywho, we hired someone...they did a really nice job of cutting, patching and (besides the installation) putting in new switches for me. Yes, I will spare you the pic of the switches :)

Here are some pics of the process:

 you see where the light bulb goes?  I had it specially wired (ahem-extra dough) to take the greenest of green light bulbs--don't they look fun-kay?!

 Supposedly, they last nine years--which I'm not buying into, but I am one of those peeps that really.likes.lights.ON.  So it works for me to be using a green version if I'm using power :).  
Here's a good sample of the lovely blue color that they are and here is how they look lit

-though in person, they still look turquoise blue when lit.  As a new blogger, I am always uncertain of how many pics to post.  Do you want to see more?  I have a TON of random detail shots...Maybe if you ever decide to re-do your kitchen in 10 steps or less :)
Tomorrow, I have this great story about what happened while these lights were going in-seriously, it's worth coming back for...
until next time!
oh and after that--finally the big reveal--if I can clean the place up enough!


Jaye said...

I love those lights - I want those lights.
They are even more stunning in real life ;)

Amy J said...

Oh, it's looking so good! I absolutely adore those lights...

Infarrantly Creative said...

Those lights are freakin awesome...just a little bit of vintage. LOVES! your kitchen is going to be amazing. Are you eating out every night since your kitchen is in shambled? Been there done that!