Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Potty Talk

. Tuesday, June 1, 2010 .

Have you ever moved into your house and not really known where everything was? 
 Not really sure where you were storing your extra supplies?  
Not really worried about it because you figure, you'll sort it all out eventually? 
 Then, had 'eventually' not really happen because you were so busy with other parts of your life? 
 Or been so busy thinking about the parts of your life that you went into the bathroom and sat down without looking around? 
 And then when you did look around, did you ever realize that there wasn't even one teeny tiny bit of toilet paper left on the roll?  
And then was it too late?  Had you already gone?  
Were you stuck with only your children at home?  Did you debate calling out to them because they were FinallY playing nicely together in the other room?  
Weighing the option of just drying seems like a decent possibility for a few moments... Then did you hunt around for something anything to use in the itty bitty powder room?  Find not even one thing?
 Did you finally give in and call out to your three-year-old?

Never happen to you?  Nope, not to me today either.

p.s. my 1 1/2 yr old went in the potty twice today!


Momma V said...

Yay L for going potty!!! That is great news! Will goes when it is a good time for him to do so, haha!

And yes, I've had those moments... er wait, no I didnt!