Monday, June 7, 2010

Kitchen re-do part 2

. Monday, June 7, 2010 .

So we have taken out the island, moved the cabinets over and of course already painted the walls.  The wood floor went in--pause for loving the loverly bamboo--
Oh wait, I'm getting a little ahead of myself.  Next I painted the old cabinets.  Can I tell you how much inspiration there is out in blogland and via google for white kitchens.  Oh, swoon!  White kitchens are classic to me and are so flexible with any decorating style you like.  
Granted there are many 'shades' of white and styles of cabinets, but in general, white kitchens pretty much rock in any shape or form for me.

Now here is where I make no sense.  The more I looked and looked and looked at white kitchens, the harder time I was having deciding how to paint the existing cabinets.

  I really consider myself a retro/vintage/eclectic decorator with a dose of shabby chic cottage mixed in.  Does that make any sense at all? Given my aforementioned adoration for white cabinets, it seems like I should have simply color matched out new cabinets into my favorite paint brand...

Well, I just couldn't do it.  I love multi-colored kitchens so that was my newest source of inspiration.

(forgive me for not noting where the pics are from--if you happen to know where I stole them from, please let me know and I'll be sure to add it)

I had planned on showing you the next 'completed phase' in this post, but I succumbed to the movie watching pressure from the rest of the blts and now it is late.  So until tomorrow!