Monday, June 21, 2010

On my mind right now

. Monday, June 21, 2010 .

We are watching the Dark Knight.  The boy blts have seen it several times.  Me?  I'm not big on scary or intense movies.  I can hardly watch.  Movies with endings you can't predict or where peeps get hurt, they make my heart hurt.  I'm a little wonky that way.
I dont think they like it when I surf for a few minutes...then ask them what just happened? It makes it bearable to me.  I don;t think I like this movie.  Don't shake your bloggy heads at me, I know Heath Ledger was a great actor.  It's just how I'm made.  Yea God for oddballs :)

Anywho, my folks have gone off to China on vacation.  I miss them.  Hmmm. Makes me feel like a kid again.  They left me this.

Doesn't that look yummy.  I didn't want to share it with the boys, I know it was their turn to pick the movie, it's just so hard to watch.

Look at what my LB wore to church.  Couldyounotjustdie.

seriously i can hardly watch this movie.  well shot and directed, but so much emotion.  i'm too involved too easily--story of my life :)

I could do an entire blog post about this dress!  meep!

My girls are in bed and the boys are involved in the tube.  I start to reflect on everything going on around me...
It's been quite a year here at the blt house.  I think I need to work on being more grateful.  I've been a little bit ungrateful lately I think.  cranky-crankmeister.  and not sleeping--too much worry.  do you ever feel so overwhelmed about your decisions?  I worry about my kiddos.  giving the right opportunities while encouraging them to be independent.  You pray, you analyze, you discuss (repeatedly).  eat sleep repeat.

what a manic post, eh?  how are you doing?


Momma V said...

Great pictures!!

But I do think you are a *wee bit* crazy for not being able to get into that movie! I PPH it!!

Shawna said...

:::looking left & right:::
I didn't love that movie either. And LB is so stinking cute! I lurrrve her church dress!