Saturday, June 26, 2010

Excitement all around!

. Saturday, June 26, 2010 .

I've been missing this little bloggy screen peeps!  I've had a busy week and the last 24 hours have been especially crazy.  I'm going to write all about that tomorrow, but this post could.not.wait!

I posted over at a fun blog called along for the ride last week.  And you'll never believe it!  My kitchen re-do was featured!  Yowza and a half!  Laura hosts a Saturday is Crafty day party--you should go check it out!  (she is also doing this coolio 90 day challenge, I want to try it).  There are so many creative things out there peeps, go on, click it and check it!
Big thankful shout-out to Laura! :)

Oh and I've been totally rearranging the kitchen shelves and taking pics so I can compare looks--is that a little too obsessive?! Ya wanna see the pics?

(pee to the ess-can ya tell me how to post someone's button?)


Prenda Le Stelle said...

Depeneds. If they have the thing like I do, with the code under the button, you just grab that code and put it where you please *in a post or on the side bar with an HTML gadget*. If they don't have the code, to put it in a post, you can save it to your computer, put the image in your post, and then link it to the website. :)

Oh...and that is super cool that you were featured!!!!