Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kitchen Re-do 4

. Wednesday, June 9, 2010 .

So where are we at!?  Are ya still with me and the infamous re-do?
So I painted the bottom cabinets blue and the top cabinets a white with a blue undertone (it was actually the lightest shade of the turquoise blue I chose.  Nice, huh?
Then the new cabinets arrived.  We purchased the cabinets for the island and a new side pantry.  There were a lot of white cabinets, as we added small ones to the other side of the island--hello more storage-I love you!

We went with a white glazed cabinet.  That looks pretty white here, but in person there is a definite creamy tone to the white.  
 Not that there's anything wrong with that!
Anyone?  Anyone?
Um creamy does not work for my vision here peeps!
Anywho, here is a close-up so you can be part of my conundrum

The 'glazing' makes it even creamier (the dude at the showroom totally talked me into this, I'm still not sold on this by any means, but what can you do after the fact?!--that being said, I do like my kitchen more all the time)
So, there I was with these creamy white cabinets and retro turquoise cabinets on the other wall.  I wasn't quite sure how to pull it all together.  

I think the hardware helps some?  What do you think?

Don't mind the surrounding mess :)
I think I need more hardware for the blue drawers and cabinets to really tie it all together, but that will have to wait.  Up next, the countertop and sink adventure.  If you're not snoozing--hello this is my gift to you--insomnia no more!