Monday, November 9, 2009


. Monday, November 9, 2009 .

I haven't had it in me to post lately!  I realized this morning though, that posting may be the exact therapeutic thing to do!  I've been busily prepping a commercial and trying to figure out babysitting, while Syl has been waiting to hear about a job opportunity.  Friday he received an offer from an out of state company!  The problem is that the salary is not where we were hoping it would be- to justify packing up and moving.  The upside is that the company appears to be an appealing culture-one that he would enjoy more than his current employer.  What kind of monetary value do you put on that?
To add insult to injury, things have been disappearing around our house-which is stressful, but easily explained by two busy little ladies...
I feel like I need to juggle so many things and emotions right now--I may just be a sloppy clown at a make-shift parking lot circus!  Here's to finding all the stuff and the right answers!  And to having a successful shoot!  Today, I will purpose to smile!

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