things you never wanted to know -All About Me-


Hellllloooooo! I'm Shelly! I'm odduniquecrazybratty and all around enigmatic

I started this blog as a way to reach out and touch, or perhaps as a way to get some of the crazy out of my head. Is it working?

Some deets about me...
I love being a mom. love it, I'm impatient sometimes but over the moon for my three blessings all.the.time. They are entertaining, inspiring and frustrating all rolled up like a crepe! A HIP HOP Crepe!
they're awesomesauce!

I love musicals and show tunes. I love to sing and am quite possibly almost tone deaf, I'm vainly attempting voice lessons to rectify such hearing issues...

I think of myself as having a very small amount of friends, close friends that is, though to most I am a friend to all and many are my pal

loyalty...creativity...laffity...things I find important...

things I don't find important...using real words...petty differences in peeps...a normal life (and possibly shower) schedule.

I do try to give plenty of stability to my kidlets, while I can't say the same thing about my  home cleaning schedule...
another day at the office
I work in a crazy gypsy industry, surrounded by random egos and odd personalities--yes you guessed it--I am part of the machine that makes commercials for a living...

I'm an actress! Well, I audition at least...praying for parts!
(that sentence drives me more than I'll admit)
I had to start blogging to have some more adult interaction--so leave me a comment or be a follower would ya...I neeeeeeed you.
is it the hair?

I love Jesus, he's a righteous dude.  I'm not your 'textbook' Christian but I'm trying... all the while, I love a good party, thrifting, crafting, and making my kiddos laugh.

Anything else you have coming from your inner curious George? Tell me in the comments!

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