Friday, September 14, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

. Friday, September 14, 2012 .

 I'm a day late on Thoughtful Thursday, ah well, the last two days were so busy!  I has one audition and an actual itty bitty shoot yesterday.  Then today I had two more auditions! Yowza peeps!  One was down in Tucson and of course the other was up in Phoenix, so we were driving fools to try and get everything done.  
we waited and waited
Why you wonder, I mean there are still 12 hours of daylight?  Well...because we waited for capital F-our hours in line!  Mooooooooo, cattle call all around!
It was for being a lil ol extra in a big ol movie! They need 300 people! So tootsies crossed to be one of many.  I was actually number 493 in line...I'm pretty sure they ended up over 1000...

so many peeps in line
Then we raced back up to the valley for an improv audition where I had a groovtastic time!  Hoping for a callback!
almost there!

As for yesterdays stuff...
the audition was a little contrived...I heard them tell the woman that went two before me that she had the part...
what's a girl to do??? Well go for it anyway of course? And take solace in the fact that the already cast kid has dark hair and olive skin--as does the one they cast (as the hippie Aunt) and well, if you've seen me...I don't have dark hair or even close to olive skin!

I have at least one audition on the books for next week and a networking we go!