Sunday, September 23, 2012


. Sunday, September 23, 2012 .

So again with the missed posting! Sheesh, like sand through the hour glass...and I have zero pics to share...methinks I should start posting random shots, cuz everyone loves pics right?
Anywhooo, it's a good thing I waited, because I have exciting news!

So last week, I auditioned for two movies!  The Hangover 3 and an indy pic called "Blood n' Whiskey" and they were totally different!  We had rushed up for the second and it was an improv audition.  Which is good and bad right?  I didn't have to learn a specific story but I had to be ready to do whatever comes up...yikes right!?
Well, I got the part!  In "Blood n' Whiskey!"  I am over the moon with excitement! Are you so excited tooooooo?!  It shoots at the end of next month. Yeehaw!
she totally wore these to school on show n tell day. sooooo funny

Last week, I auditioned for another movie, one I really liked the part, although I haven't heard anything yet...

Now onto this week, I have two auditions! Two! One for a commercial and one for an event type gig.  Both very different, but I'm excited for the opportunities both present!  Will keep you posted for cereal! What did ye think of the random pics?
Have an awesomesauce week peeps!