Wednesday, August 18, 2010

High on School

. Wednesday, August 18, 2010 .

Life is so full of decisions about education.  Wanting your offspring to get the best possible mix of education and extra-curriculars can be a complex challenge.  (As in, life's surprises of financial stress take a big toll on the ol' college fund)

 Gman grew up in the charter school system.  I really enjoyed the class size and structure the schools provided.  This year, the first year of high school, I thought it was time for a change.  A big public school with all the bells and whistles--a gifted program, competitive sports teams and the added bonus of being only a few blocks from our house...

Ohhh the excitement, when he was accepted to the program, talked excitedly about playing sports, and walked to and from school.  Ohhh the disappointment, when he hated his classes, decided he didn't care about sports, and walked with evident disdain in his step...

After a lot of prayer, discussion, and even some tears, we have decided to return to his old charter school.  It's a place that just feels like home.  He loves the teachers and staff.  I don't love that he needs to be driven, but 16 is right around the corner (With an entirely new set of worries...)

Here's to hoping for the right decision.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Style

. Sunday, August 15, 2010 .

right now?!
I don't really know?  I am not-so-hip :P
There are the things I think should come back in style...

 Yes, tight, little, spiral perms!  A la twisted sister...
my hair was so like this in 1985...
I'd get one again in a minute

Yup!  Just call me farmer shell!
I had a pair of Guess ones

{I toooootally searched all over google for a pic like the ones I had, no such luck}

Booyah!  These I never had...

Don't they rock though?

What about you?  What do you wish would come back in style?
I can't possibly be alone in my lurve for those tight little chemically induced curls...

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

This week!

. Thursday, August 12, 2010 .

is h-a-r-d

Gman started high school...crazy talk....crazy hard talk
it's a brand new school, he hardly knows anyone
my heart hurts for him as I think of him getting through all those obstacles of the first week

all of us are trying to get into a routine...crazy hard
the ladies have decided sleep is overrated....really?  really?!

I think I have a failed root canal...ouchie hard
who knew that could happen?  Dr. google told me so
I am definitely paying the dentist's greens fees...

LB has almost potty trained is that hard?
nap time wake-up/her alone in her room behind the gate=her changing herself
yesterday she made a mess--a pooptastic mess
(enough said right?)

how is your week?  here's to hoping the hard parts are OVAH!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zaaa, Zaaau, Zaaaa-uuumbaaa

. Wednesday, August 11, 2010 .


I took my first Zumba class.  It pretty much went like this

4:30...This should be interesting, gonna get my Latin groove on...

4:45...phew, she shakes her booty a goofy do I look right now...

4:50...this is actually clearing my head and making me sweat...

5:00...I am really getting a workout...I think I may be starting to smell... wonder this is clearing my head, it is crazy hard!... long is this class, whose idea was it to take this anyway... this seriously a 'cool-down' song that is by my hs boyfriend's fav band?!  wait this is a cool down song--thank you Jesus...

5:25....same time next week!?...

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Puddle Jumpers

. Thursday, August 5, 2010 .

Last weekend was the last itty bitty sports for the little blts and can you tell how they were!?

I really love this pic--cah-racks me up :)

We played ball for a bit

then something else caught their eye...

they had
this guys parents were none too pleased with it

but how can ya resist these kind of puddles?!

it was one BIG puddle!
and it's some serious bid-ness
that eventually tuckers you out

but still SOOooo much fun!

Are you a puddle jumper?  What's making you smile this week?


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

that darn journal

. Tuesday, August 3, 2010 .

So I've had some blogger's block lately...
I'm going to finish up my journal posts and try to get more bliggity bloggity juices a flowin'

--My Most Luxurious Purchase--
Does a house count?  I'm on my fourth one?  This one is the best by far!  Or maybe my schmany video camera?  Which I can't find a picture of to save my life, here is one from google images...
and I adore this mac I'm typing away on...

--My Best Feature--
I am going to pick my perennial goofiness

--What Have I Gained--

I love blogging!  Doing this challenge was fun and inspiring--especially meeting the other bloggers that signed up at prenda le stelle--that was groovy!  Shouts all around to those of ya that did it on time :)

Hope you're having a great week!

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A crazy little thing called...

. Thursday, July 29, 2010 .

a blog!

the next post was supposed to be about what's in my purse!  you really don't want to
besides my phone, there is a diaper, crumbs, lots of crumbs oh and a wallet
the best part is the outside says 
'not all bad girls wear black'
next post
the next post was/is plans for the next week...
I worked and worked for 2 weeks straight and now I just want to veg with the kiddos.
my big (baby) boy has gone camping where there is no cell coverage--I think it is harder on me than him...
I'm going to hang with some friends tomorrow---sah-weet
but really I need some solid sleep, a lot of it
next post
my most surprising moment?
I'd have to go with being preggers!  All three of mine were shockers!
don't they look surprised that I'm their mom?!
next post
what am I good at?
{this is the way to journal--all at once-muahahaha}

making bee-you-tee-fulllll little sandwiches
I'm the blessed at being their mama.

I want to be good at:
generosity of spirit and forgiveness
learning groovy tricks at photography, crafting, sewing
finding time to create!

oh and I like to crack a joke or three pretty regularly ;)
that's enough for tonight dear blogosphere, I've missed you

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jammin through

. Saturday, July 24, 2010 .

the journal! I am kinda sorta behind on this challenge I've tried to put on my self and who likes that?  Not me!

What would I do with millions?  Let's say it's 10 mil after taxes mmkay!?

  • Give 1 million to church
  • pay off our house and buy a vacation house or two or three :P -total 1 million
  • put 1 million away for the little sandwich kids schooling
  • take my entire family to the Galapagos and 10 other groovy trips-1 million
  • invest-2 million
  • adopt or sponsor some children from 3rd world countries-1 million
  • invest some more-2 million
  • Buy a car, house decor, sports stuff for the hubs, junk for the kids-$500k 
  • anonymously send 50 peeps I like cashiers checks for $10k--total $500k
so there you go...

It's fun to dream isn't it!?

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Featured! Yowza!

. Friday, July 23, 2010 .

I can't even tell you the lack of sleep I'm typing on, but I just have to tell you this!
This sandwich kitchen was featured on not one but two really awesomesauce blogs!

Here on Better After-yeehaw!

This is a great blog for lots of creativity and neat-o projects


Here on one of my fav-or-eeet daily reads


Kimba's bloggity blog was one of my first daily reads!  Crazy to see my lil corner of the blogosphere on her page!

These two features brightened my blog wayyyyy more than I can describe and I am so thankful for all the peeps that came to visit!  Shout outs all around!
Happy weekend, I'm hoping to find a moment to catch up in the next week,
 when I'm not quite so busy!


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Celebrity Cah-rush!

. Wednesday, July 21, 2010 .

My tha-ree crushes!  Ya reeeealleeeee wanna know???
ok ok ok...
Steve Nash! Swoon!

Matthew McConaughey

I have to say that I've never been the celebrity crush type!  I love the Suns and the person Steve Nash is off the court.  The hubs suggested Mr. McConaughey--who is not too bad...
Really though, I need my celebrity crush to mean something more to me, I have to like them for some kind of depth maybe?  I don't know, I'm mostly typing while I try to think of  another person...

he's a righteous dude :)

by the way--random thought--if you're not watching Modern Family, you should be!  We're watching an old one right now


(

16 tons and what do you get?


another day older and deeper in debt!

Today's challenge is your biggest hurdle...

{sidebar: yes, I'm behind--please forgive--I had to actually this week and last--yikes! I realize a lot of you work all the time--I'm so impressed that you juggle bloggity fun and work and whatnot!  My job comes with sensitive personalities and long, exhausting hours--hello no time to blog or blog stalk at work--harrumph!}

Onto the task at hand,
I'm puzzled by this and how to deal with it.  Doesn't every event seem catastrophic when it's there staring you in the face?  I think of some challenges...

being a single parent at a young age, which ended up being a great
 bonding and maturing experience

losing family members, which made it easier to empathize with other's losses

having a child with a developmental delay, which made me feel helpless and more determined to learn and help her grow

Here's a really good one--having my 14 yr old be 2 inches taller than I--already-yikes!

(the last pic where I'm taller--dontchoo ask about my heels!)

In all seriousness, I think this year has been a valley for me--I have struggled internally with different things, our family has struggled financially, and I find myself emotional over the silliest things.  Luckily, I have faith and friends to get me through
Yeehaw!  Here's to bigger, better, brighter blogging!

(



The Mission in making memories today is a list of 20 things I like...

20--yippee!  That's a great length!  Here goes--in random order:

1. my Family that was completed with help from

2.  this guy 
3.  clean sheets

4.  even though these lovelies like to play on them
5.  which is why i drink lots of coffee
6.  and eat chocolate, with

7.  old friends
8.  who know your dirt and heart you anyway and
9.  new friends-you are so fun
10.  traveling to cool places

11.  like this happy place or
12.  a quiet place where I can think about
13.  puppets, particularly the muppets! They were in some great

14. movies!  My entertainment passion also 
15.  extends to musicals
16.  and paint! random I know :P
17.  I also seem to be addicted to random blogs
18.  especially crafty/home decor ones

19.  Celebrating this Holiday is awesomesauce
20.  especially when you remember HE is the reason...

What's your favorite thing right now?!

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    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    The Case of Collections

    . Sunday, July 18, 2010 .

    As I think of today direction in diary writing, I am befuddled...where to see I come from a healthy family of stuff lovers...many a collection has graced my bookshelves and dressers through the years...

    I used to collect pez dispensers, well technically I still have them--though mine don't look so coolio as they are all packed in boxes (how long does it take to feel settled on a new house?)

    (apartment therapy)

     I've also collected many a movie poster, once again something that is just in the box--boo.

    My family would say I collect junky furniture, but I consider it all antiques-in-training...that and fun stuff to have around the house!

    I'd have to say they main thing I collect right now seems to blogs!  So many great ideas out there, so many delovely and delightful pictures!  I need more hours in the day or I need to learn to not sleep...
    I have to be up early though, so off to sleep I go
    cya tomorrow blogland

    (

    The first thing about Pet Peeves...


    Is you don't commit your own peeve--sheesh!

    My numero uno peeveable is being late.  Ugh, makes me batty!  Yet, here I am late with this post! Forgive me peeps, I have been a worker bee all week--which prevents me from letting the ol' bank account from growing cobwebs--which, I totally think should count as a peeve--not nobody, not no how wants cobwebs where the money should be!

    Other things that drive me nuts:

    • slloooowww walkers--I have to hold myself back from bopping slow walkers in the back of the head...
    • noisy noisy toys--my mamasita bought my kiddos a remote controlled car this week (I'd show you but that would mean I'd have to reveal my...)
    • messy messy house--boy howdy is is skeeeerreeee in here (hence the reason for no pics in this post and I bet blogs with no pics peeves all of ya!--yikes)
    Oh and it should be noted that the remote car is super duper fun, I just figured out how to drive it in a circle! The hubs was so helpful by naming 20 things that bug me, but if I typed all those out, y'all would run screaming in fear out of blogger--and we can't have that can we?

    More peeves to peruse at prenda le stelle

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    Friday, July 16, 2010

    Who me?!

    . Friday, July 16, 2010 .

    A bad habit?! I have a baaa-aaad habit?!  Oh my!  Not me! 
    Today's post is all about denial bad habits...

    Now, we practice drama transparency here at the BLT house, we lay all our stuff out on the table, so I consulted with my fay-vor-eeet boys and asked them my bad habits things to work on...

    the votes are in, the results are calculated, the time has arrived, the big reveal is here...

    the superficial--staying up toooooo late
    the down-n-dirty--being too hard on myself--being a perfectionist about wayyy to much
    oh and procrastinating, like putting off this post until the nth hour...(the voting from the hubs weighed in heavily on this one)

    Who can have a post with no pictures!  Not me, that's who!
    These are my best 'habits'
    don't forget to habitually check prenda le stelle for more bad habits

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    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    Bucket List

    . Thursday, July 15, 2010 .

    Today's challenge in the chatty chain of posts is the top five things on your 'bucket list.'

    1.  Travel!  Namely take my parents on an awesomesauce vacation and see
     the Great Wall

    2.  See all my babies grow up, get married, and make me grandbabies

    3.  Turn doing what I love into my own business

    4.  Raise my children to love

    5.  Learn something new every year--I better light a twenty-ten fire! Ouuuuch!

    Dontchooo forget the other lovely bloggers at prenda le stelle--go see how they're filling their buckets!

    ps--I must be super hormonal, I got choked up today looking at these and at this!
    If you don't read those two blogs, you are seriously missing out!

    (