Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Celebrity Cah-rush!

. Wednesday, July 21, 2010 .

My tha-ree crushes!  Ya reeeealleeeee wanna know???
ok ok ok...
Steve Nash! Swoon!

Matthew McConaughey

I have to say that I've never been the celebrity crush type!  I love the Suns and the person Steve Nash is off the court.  The hubs suggested Mr. McConaughey--who is not too bad...
Really though, I need my celebrity crush to mean something more to me, I have to like them for some kind of depth maybe?  I don't know, I'm mostly typing while I try to think of  another person...

he's a righteous dude :)

by the way--random thought--if you're not watching Modern Family, you should be!  We're watching an old one right now



Vanessa said...

I love me some Steve Nash! And I love Modern Family!!! Cam is my fave.

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I LOVE Modern Family. It's such a good show!

Your kitchen makeover was amazing. Great work!

I'm your newest follower!

Higgs Happenin's said...

bono hahaha. I like Matthew for looks but I agree with your typed rambles.. who really knows how much good stuff is under those hunky curls.

I don't know much about Nash, but lately I've heard good things. I may need to check this one out. Idaho doesn't have a basketball team so why not be a suns fan right?