Wednesday, July 7, 2010


. Wednesday, July 7, 2010 .

One of my newest blog friends, Stacie at Pullups and Pedicures (dontcha just love the name--toooo cahute) gave me an award today.  Yowza!  Thank ye kindly sister! Now I have to sound interesting and write about it, umkay...I think I'm much more interesting with a can of paint in my hand :)
Here are the deets:
1.  Thank and link to the person who gave you the award.
2.  Share 10 things about yourself.
3.  Pass the Award along to 10 bloggers who you think are somethin’ special!
4.  Contact the bloggers that you picked to let them know about the Award.
Let's get down to the dirty, shall we?
uno--favorite thing: I have three really groovy offspring, like y'all didn't know that al-read-eeeee

dos--favorite pastime: I love love love to paint, I'd like to take an art class.  Any local bloggers know of any or interested?!  Oh and a photography class!? 

tres--favorite ex job: I used to do a little acting.  Not much really, a few commercials here and there, I'd like to dabble in it again--my numero uno keeps me so very busy though.

quatro--current chin scar: I was in a serious car accident about 10 years ago, I don't think my head has been the same since.  I have no memory of the days before or after--creepy, eh?!  It would have been worse if I hadn't worn the trusty belt...Wear your seat-belts peeps!

cinco-current living: A new house!  I confess to a messy house, my car is worse-oof--at least I can laugh about it (while blaming the offspring) and I can snack on lint-covered cheerios at home and on-the-go :)

sies--current dream trip: China... I love to travel

siete--current dream job: party planner!

ocho-current craving (besides a nap): coke zero!

nueve--current daydream: being in Disneyland!

diez-ending confession: I don't speak Spanish :D

Phew!  Now onto giving out the award.  Sorry all cash prizes remain in my possession :P
Now go read these other fun and fancy blogs!  These are some interesting women that I am lucky to know!



Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

thanks girlie! you are sweet to include me in your list.

Lacey said...

Wow! You really should be a party the decor!

Stacy A said...

I SHOULD be a party planner and thanks for the shiz-out!! hehe