Thursday, July 1, 2010

A challenge: 30 day Journal.

. Thursday, July 1, 2010 .

My pal Jilllian has had a lot of success with her blog and now she is hosting a little journal challenge for the next 30 days.  Oof, that's a lot of posts, but if some friends can do it, I might as well give it the old college try...

Day 1 is an intro post, so here is a bit about me-
I'm hitched. I'm a parent. I like to go to the sound of my own drum :)
Is that enough?  hmmmm...

I like opposites:
I am reallleeeeee friendly--I talk peeps up in the line at Target, but I think of myself as only having a very few close friends.
I started out as a young mom and now I consider myself a young-at-heart-mom.
I have a much older (way cool) brother but we both think of ourselves as practically only children.
I have a very colorful personality but I wear a lot of black.
I love Jesus, but am not what many would consider a 'traditional' Christian.

Something cool about me:
I work in a wild gypsy industry full of personality called film production.  I started out acting and moved to the other side of the camera.  I wonder about that choice sometimes.

Something boring about me:
because of said industry I have a tendency to analyze television and movies in terms of production value--lighting, shooting style, editing etc.  Some peeps have been known to refuse to watch movies with me, but I try to reign it in :)

Something new:
I have a new house!  Yowza, lotsa posts 'round these parts to be found about that!  Making this house into home is exciting and challenging at the same time, mostly fun though! Painting and decorating is something I could blog about you don't mind :P

Something old:
I've lived in AZ for almost 30 years and while it is still practically 100 outside, I'm wearing holey pants with a cracker jacks pattern on them because I'm cold and kewl :)

The best for last:
My kids are awesomesauce!



Vanessa said...

Your kids are awesomesauce. Welcome to the challenge.

Prenda Le Stelle said...

Yay! You decided to do it! It won't be that hard to keep up, promise!! So excited to learn more about everyone!!

Stacie said...

Okay, your blog is adorable! I shall be checking back often :D