Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bucket List

. Thursday, July 15, 2010 .

Today's challenge in the chatty chain of posts is the top five things on your 'bucket list.'

1.  Travel!  Namely take my parents on an awesomesauce vacation and see
 the Great Wall

2.  See all my babies grow up, get married, and make me grandbabies

3.  Turn doing what I love into my own business

4.  Raise my children to love

5.  Learn something new every year--I better light a twenty-ten fire! Ouuuuch!

Dontchooo forget the other lovely bloggers at prenda le stelle--go see how they're filling their buckets!

ps--I must be super hormonal, I got choked up today looking at these and at this!
If you don't read those two blogs, you are seriously missing out!


Vanessa said...

Aww I love that pic of your little one with the baby. The Great Wall would be sooo cool to see. I hope you get there one day.

And thanks, I got a little chocked up too at those pics.

Prenda Le Stelle said...

Love your list! The Great Wall would be amazing to see!
What are you gonna learn this year?

Momma V said...

great list, love!

I'll help you out with that business of yours! We'd make a gah-rate team :-)