Tuesday, July 13, 2010

idyllic ageism?

. Tuesday, July 13, 2010 .

Today's writing assignment is 'What is the ideal age?'

I have no insight for this really, I think so many ages have value

School starts at 5?  Driving starts at 16?  Voting at 18?  Adult beverages at 21?

Reduced insurance rates and rental cars at 25--maybe I should go with 25, it's kind of a big deal :)

My girls are at such fun ages right now--3 and 1.  My son is rockin' the teen thing.  hmmmm.
I'm in my thirties, which are quite groovy!  I think every age is the best you can make it.  Yes in fact, this is a cop out post...
(we both, the emster and me, wore this dress when we were 3)

feel free to check out prenda le stelle for more ageist advice :)


Vanessa said...

ooooh, pretty dress. Do you have a pic of you in that dress?

Stacy A said...

Aww, that's adorable that you wore it at age 3 too. That's awesome!

Stacie said...

lol, 25 is definitely a good age! I think us rocking our 30's though is pretty fantastic.

And I love love love this picture! She looks like her Mama :^)

Anonymous said...

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