Wednesday, July 21, 2010


. Wednesday, July 21, 2010 .

The Mission in making memories today is a list of 20 things I like...

20--yippee!  That's a great length!  Here goes--in random order:

1. my Family that was completed with help from

2.  this guy 
3.  clean sheets

4.  even though these lovelies like to play on them
5.  which is why i drink lots of coffee
6.  and eat chocolate, with

7.  old friends
8.  who know your dirt and heart you anyway and
9.  new friends-you are so fun
10.  traveling to cool places

11.  like this happy place or
12.  a quiet place where I can think about
13.  puppets, particularly the muppets! They were in some great

14. movies!  My entertainment passion also 
15.  extends to musicals
16.  and paint! random I know :P
17.  I also seem to be addicted to random blogs
18.  especially crafty/home decor ones

19.  Celebrating this Holiday is awesomesauce
20.  especially when you remember HE is the reason...

What's your favorite thing right now?!


    Vanessa said...

    ooooh, I love how you did this. I love your 20 things. New Friends is great!