Monday, July 5, 2010

America's Birthday!

. Monday, July 5, 2010 .

Yesterday was not super eventful for us.  We are inches from all being healthy, but decided to not venture out with the crowds.  

(the berries are like candy-delish!)
The little ladies and I did make a cake and decorate it, while we did, I tried to work in a little lesson about our flag and what it means to live in this great country.  

Emster, was a little into it, she liked that we were having a birthday party, she likes things being 10, so you can guess how old the USA was yesterday :)  

LB, on the other hand, was resident taste-tester.
Cool-whip was great, easily spread 'frosting'
It was tasty (and confetti on the inside)

We also put up a flag.  The wind was perfect for it.

this is my fav shot of the day, so sahweeeeet!

What about you?  How was your fourth?  See any good fireworks?


Vanessa said...

Love that shot, Shell.