Monday, July 5, 2010

Fav Vacay!

. Monday, July 5, 2010 .

The next challenge in the 30 day epic journal event is your favorite Vay-ka-shun!  Oooh!  I like this one!  I am a dirty cheater and I'm combining two vacations into one--they're both in the same place so does that count? Donchooo gimme that look through your screen!  I'll cheat on the journal if I wanna.

Anywho, my favorite vacation is to Hawaii.  I've actually been three times, two of which were on cruises.  I can't tell you how gah-reat they were and each had a big impact on my life.  Since there is only so much screen space 'round these parts (um, and because I don't have pics of the first time on the ol' puter), we'll only cover two of the three excellent trips.
When I was first dating the hubster, we went to Hawaii.  Seriously, we were dating for less than two months (aaacckk), we had a great time.  Now we look back on it like our pre-kids-real-life-wedding honeymoon.

Then in 2007, my rockin' parents took our entire family on a cruise for Christmas.
(this was our Christmas card that we mailed from the island)

You weren't supposed to go out this far, the surf would come up unexpectedly and was crazy strong--we didn't see the sign until after-meep!)

my big bro-insert your own caption :)

my Grandma, she isn't with us anymore, my youngest is named after her.  My youngest was also conceived on this trip--shhhhh-hehehehehe
We went on lots of excursions, ate excellent food, drank, and were very merry!  Spending time on a beautiful boat, with your awesome fam, on your favorite holiday.  Seriously, how much more spectacular can it be?!

This was all of us on Christmas Day.  Don't you be hatin' on those red shirts.  We made quite the impact moving around the ship as a group.  It was really great :)

    We are all spread out, so getting to spend time together is extra extra special!  And heck, we were in a tropical paradise--unbeatable!
And that peeps is the reader's digest version of my favorite vacay.


Vanessa said...

Aww your grams is so sweet, tears. And Shell, you always make me laugh.

Kirsty said...

Oo the photos are gorgeous! I'd love to go to Hawaii! Nice post!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

love!!!! that you all wore red hawaiian shirts. so fun!!