Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ticker Tape Parade and Baby Proofing

. Tuesday, June 15, 2010 .

In celebration of all the kitchen posts, I thought I'd share a nice story about my youngest--one we affectionately refer to as LB or the Wild Child, she.has.so.much.energy!

I am big on baby proofing.  When friends talk about their little ones learning to walk, I always remind them that they need to make sure their houses are on baby-lock-down.  I offer my suggestions as the mom of a teenager and two little ones, based on my sooooo worldly experience. :)

Well, I have a confession to make.  I am a terrible baby-proofer!  Our new house is not.done.at.all--Yowza!  Really though, my girls are 3 & 1/2 and 20 months, so couldn't I relax a little?  I can reason with them right?  Or move things constantly out of one-in-particular's reach (she has seriously long arms)  Anywho, all my cleaners and meds are definitely out of reach--don't worry your pretty little bloggy heads.   Here is where I learned my baby-proofing lesson...

When we had peeps in to finish up the kitchen, I was going back and forth, keeping the girls busy and making sure the work was going smoothly.  I left the girls in my bedroom for a few seconds minute second, while I discussed light placement.   I didn't want them perfectly spaced out, I'm weird like that.

It was exciting!  The kitchen was almost finished!  The lights were the last BIG thing to put in.  I had three garage sales to pay for these lights.  I had debated their custom length for a week and then worried about picking the wrong thing while they were being made.

  My delovely lights, they needed to be perfectly placed.  Well, while my excitement was building--my LB must have sensed my budding happiness. She came running out of the master bathroom and gave me my very own ticker tape parade! She had crowned me the champion of kitchen-fixer-upping!
  Yes, yes she did, she showered me and she showered the guys working in my kitchen.  Sweet, huh?! What did she use to create said parade?  Why, a full box of tampax of course! Fling, fling they rolled around my lovely bamboo floor.  Then, she sat down in the middle of the kitchen with the directions and 'read' them like a book...

Word to the wise--Always baby-proof...


Momma V said...

Haha Way to go LB!!

I bet you light guys got a super kick out of it!

Sharon said...


She is awesome.