Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kitchen Re-do 5!

. Thursday, June 10, 2010 .

Yowza hard to believe there is this much to write!  I actually have a bunch more photos of all the work, so really I'm taking it easy on ya!

So we had to live with the cabinets in and wait on the countertops (read NO sink-oi!).

 You see, the granite has to be templated and then made/cut/quarried-I haven't a clue?  But you have to wait...which was You really depend on your kitchen sink a lot!
When they finally brought the granite, it was in two ginormous pieces and one small side piece.  Remember how we basically doubled the size of the island--ahhh tahrue wove (points for knowing the movie!)

Well they brought that granite in, first they installed the small side piece.
Then they went to work on the big dogs.  And guess what?
  They and whoda thunk--it didn't fit.
(see that big goofy gap--they actually tried to fill it at first--goobers!)
soooo, they went back to the (literal) drawing board.  And we went back to having no sink...

Finally a week later, after many dirty bathtub dishes, we had a counter! joyful hipster dancing  abounds!

We also had a sink!   Of course, my boyfriend went in--along with his posse of necessary sink jewelry.

(ugh this is one thing I'm not crazy about, but I had to give the hubs at least a few of the things he wanted!)

It really is all coming together nicely at this point, dontcha think?!  I really love the faucet! I could do a photo shoot/blog session all about him:)  What'd I tell ya--you'd get kitchen info and a lullabye :)
Are you ready for the cabinet conundrum and adventures in lighting?  I might like my lights even more than mr. faucet (sshhhhh!)


Shelly said...

testing don't mind me :)

Jennifer Ware said...

It is really starting to come together, I love it!