Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reveling in Wood!

. Thursday, April 22, 2010 .

Here we are revealing wood!  Oh how I love thee!  We wanted to have wood floor in our new house and we wanted to be environmental!  Into our brains walked bamboo!  There are lots of choices and really so many types of wood out there.  American Cherry, oh how I love thee

or maybe some Antique wide oak...

(le sigh)
but really when you don't find enough change in one pocket and some lint in the next, you have to be more budget minded :)
Plus I love that bamboo is a naturally renewing resource!  Way better for the environment than other types of wood.  We ended up choosing a solid bamboo--vertical and carbonized.  I love love lurve it!
Here are all sorts of pictures, but it really is better in person...

Did I mention how much I adore our new floor?  Now I just have to keep everybody off of it!