Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A tisket, a tasket a bunch of

. Wednesday, April 21, 2010 .

brand new toilets!  How much excitement can we handle around here!?  All the toilets leaked when we bought the house and looked pretty much like the previous owners had never heard of a toilet brush-yikes!
So we ripped them all out and put in new ones.   (Side note: we put them all out for our bilk trash pick-up and can you believe they were all carted off in the night-funny funny scavengers)  I really like our new toilets!  They are so pretty!  They are also down right heavy and pretty much a pain to install!  I've never installed toilets before and it's not a hard job, though I am NO fan of that sewer hole thing-ugh.  The friendly plumbing guy at Lowe's sold us these

and not because we have Jumbo toilets! (I like to think of these wax rings as coming from a giant's ear) They are used when installing over tile.  Well apparently our tile and our toilets are actually quite jumbo and we had to use more than one creepy ear wax ring!
It was a fun time getting them all to squish together and then get our toilets onto them and the very Jumbo bolts we had to buy.  You see the jumbo experience was necessary because of A) the brand new floor, B) the style of the toilet and C) just because it gives me something fun to blog about!  My dad and I installed these puppies with minimal injury and much wrench tightening

It was all worth it in the end for these!

Look at the beautiful smoothness!  It's a high efficiency toilet so hooray for not wasting water!   I also love that the handle is on the side, but really I am actually looking forward being able to simply clean the side-easy peasy lemon squeezie!