Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A partial month in review

. Wednesday, April 7, 2010 .

The last month has been full of activity, actually the last five weeks, but who's counting?

I've been to two baby showers--on of which I co-hosted, been to the happiest place on earth (eep! fun!), embarked on a new, big project oh and it was Easter!  I love Easter!

The topic at hand though is the new, exciting- somewhat daunting at times-cuh-rayzee project!  Are you ready...wait for it..

This is our new house!  Yowza!  We're moving!  Into a foreclosure!
Buying a foreclosure means a BIG project!  There's a lot to do...all new flooring,
(how trashy are we with our trash can in the middle of the floor)
holes to patch,

 toilets to replace, and most of all-my fav thing--many many walls to paint!
That is what is new with me!  
A lot of painting--over 4,000 square feet of it, plus ceilings! I have done almost all of the painting myself-yup-me myself and my faithful rollers.  My blogging is lagging but my color is not!  Seriously, how do peeps write daily posts?!  I spend a lot of my online time reading blogs and I really admire how people keep 'em goin!  Ahh, but I digress--back to the paint brushes I go...