Monday, April 19, 2010

House: Paint Review

. Monday, April 19, 2010 .

I've always enjoyed painting and was excited at having the chance to paint the entire house before moving in and with no flooring--hello throwing all caution to the wind with paint drips!
Let's talk about primer shall we--a primer on primer haha!

I'm a big believer in primer to help your paint go on better and look better over time. There are lots of brands out there at lots of different prices.  First glance might say, what does it matter?  It's only a base coat?  I can tell you that not all primer is created equally.

Next, I'm all about going green.  Having kids with allergies and living in a dusty place (and we- shame shame- have pets) tells me that I should try to keep their air clean. Sooo, I looked up and down the aisle at Lowe's until I found this:

ooh, aah it looks so nice and environmental!
I bought a bunch (it didn't come in a five gallon bucket-boo) and used it on the kids' rooms

I gotta say--not much smell there-woot!  Beyond that though, I wasn't so impressed-I found the coverage to be thinner than I'd like.  In fact, I went back and bought the big bucket o' Kilz to do the rest of the house in.  Kilz really goes pretty far and my kitchen and living areas were really crying out for some love--someone had painted some strange shapes all over one of the walls (the bank had painted over it for the sale but it was bleeding through-I have no idea what it was).
Overall, I'm all for green options though! Hope your Monday is colorful and fun!