Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I do projects!

. Tuesday, April 27, 2010 .

I do I do, do you?  I heart projects!  With 3 kids and a wedding to plan I was definitely one of those 'champagne taste/Pabst blue ribbon budget' brides...
Even if I was having a platinum wedding though, I'd probably still do a lot of projects, love that personal touch.
 I made all of our invites.  We're talking over 150 here peeps!  Yowza it was a lot of work, sooo worth it though.
(so cute, one lady from my church thought you had to have the ticket to get in)

the invites were a pocket-fold style and the response postcard was the popcorn box.  I realize these aren't super detailed pics--got questions?  Lemme know!
I got many many ideas from the knot message boards--a popular hang out for brides-to-be, it's a wealth of info wrapped up in a message board format!  
These pomanders are made based on Martha Stewart's instructions for tissue paper flowers

We made soooo many (wouldn't do it again) but I've made lots of the type you hang from ceilings since-insert random non-wedding pic

I also made activity books and crayons that spelled love and our wedding date--freakishly too much time on my hands

but I love kids, had my own 3 kids at the nuptials, so why not?!  We also put together these rockin' 'fun packs' for each kid at the reception (like 25) and I have no pics-boo.
Each table had its own movie theme (the whole thing was a movie theme-sorry I didn't mention this)

We chose all of our favorite romantic movies for our tables (I let the hubs help a little with these choices-no Steven Seagal allowed!)

One of my favorite things to put together was our centerpieces--ah the beauts!  

Isn't it gorg!  Ahh, so many ostriches pitched in to make our day a success!  Tomorrow we'll analyze some of the other players!