Thursday, April 15, 2010

An award from a friend!

. Thursday, April 15, 2010 .

I am a terrible blogger, but a rockin' blog stalker...
Anywho, my friend Jess gave me a kick in the pants an award!  You have to share 10 things about yourself and then you're supposed to tag others, but I was always bad at tag :)

1. I have three rockin' kids--well everyone I know, knows this about me - they are 13, 3, and 18 months--they are awesome, did I mention that? My oldest was just accepted into the International Baccalaureate program at his high school-very challenging!  My middle was just discharged from her physical therapy-woot woot- and my youngest is a wild joy to be around.
2.  I used to be in the in-room video for the MGM Grand--as in the person you saw enjoying the hotel's amenities when you turned your TV on, rolled your eyes and tried to figure out how to get to HBO--ya that was me eating sushi...
3.  I love to paint!  My house, pictures, furniture, not so much my nails though...
4.  I love words and wordgames--like a fah-reak.  I enjoy random words.  Once a person said to me--that's an awful big word (for you) when I said I was enigmatic--we could never really become friends...
5.  I direct a puppet ministry at my church.  Yup--puppets!  Think Sesame Street not socks/paper bags-love puppets!  You wouldn't believe the inner personality that comes out when the body is hidden behind the curtain.
6.  I was the mascot at my high school--ok so this is reaching way into my past for something, but it kinda relates to rolling your eyes at talent/ being 'hidden' behind a costume.  I loved being a rambunctious rocket!
7.  These days I am all about doing projects around the house.  My folks were always remodeling and I am all about DIY!  There are a lot of inspirational blogs out there, one of these days I'll post some projects-ha!
8.  So here we are at number eight and I'm asking the hubs what is interesting about me honey?  Sheesh!  What's up with that...  My hubs is a great, sports lovin' guy--like cahrazee about sports, can talk about anything related to it--though he's a big fan of team sfrom the lone star state. I like him an awful lot too and he's a groovy dad! Though he thinks blogs are 'garbage'--blaspheme!
9. I'm really bad at personal maintenance type things--eyebrows, shaving, nails, hair cuts, whatev--I really admire peeps that have a handle on that.  Am I a mess now?  So long as it's a HoT mess!
10.  Ooh here's one--the (4) peeps I consider my very closest friends have known me since I was 12 or younger!  They are amazing folks that I credit with getting me through many valleys of my life.  Of course not a one of them will read this!  My 'newer' friends are pretty rockin' as well--they might actually peruse this post :).  I have to tell you, there is HugE value in the long term/life long friend though--sometimes I like them better than my husband doh!  No worries, he doesn't read this (#8)--plus it's only sometimes ;P And for those of you reading this--you know who you are--I like you very much!

I actually did it!  I can't completely follow the establishment though and put the ol' tags out there.  Plus it's late, if you read this I hope you share 10 things about you and let me know if you did it!  I'd love to read/learn more about you!