Friday, April 30, 2010

A few unique things

. Friday, April 30, 2010 .

We are madly packing to move to our new house and I'm sure they all think I'm nuts to be blogging at a time like this!  It's just such a nice respite from the chaos!

Our Save-the-Dates!  
Since our wedding was a Hollywood/movie themed event we did a trailer DVD and sent them our with our Christmas cards--you can see a version of it here--don't know why the quality isn't so great--anybody know much about tweaking youtube videos? 
The pros--I liked putting it together
The cons--several peeps didn't watch it--they thought it was pics of the kids (wha?!)

Our engagement pics
I posted these all on fb, but I loved doing a movie themed shoot.  I like themes, even cheese-tastic ones :)

pros- I love them, the props, the vintage style/dress--it was fun
cons-not so much 

Post wedding pics
We did these with our awesome photographer Tami Martin (who took many of the pics you see 'round these parts)

this shot sooooo epitomizes our fam!
Thanks for playing along this week!  Who knew we'd go from this

to this!

life is a roller coaster sometimes, but it's surely interesting and educational!


Julie said...

Loved your video! It was so cute (and funny)!