Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Recap

. Friday, April 16, 2010 .

So it is totally goofy to recap this Easter this late, but I decided I just don't care...

I like the idea of putting pics of my a-dor-a-ble kiddos onto the interwebz...
I am ALL about the matchy matchy dresses, until they rebel--I figure I've got at least a few years...

Greatest big brother ever!  Hid eggs especially for his sisters!  Got snapped at by the other adults for 'helping' them-puhleeze--there were over 100 eggs for 4 (yes 4) kids!  I think there were plenty.

One of the other (4) kiddos and my kids' second cousin or some relation like that.  See his preggo mom--she had her baby a week ago--soooo sah-weet!

Finding the eggs!  My favorite though is this next one--entitiled-How Many Adults Does it Take to Help Find the Eggs?

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I hope your Easter was inspirational!