Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life without

. Wednesday, May 5, 2010 .

a Kitchen, is nuts.  NUTS.  Pardon me while I scream

You never realize how much you depend on your kitchen sink man!  Then to top it off, we are apparently missing the all important 'back-flow' valve which means if we drink water from the other taps, there is some sewer-water possibility!  Gah-ross!
So, we're not drinking it, but I'm still showering and brushing my teeth here peeps.  Yikes...
Did I mention no kitchen?  Well, there is a fridge and such--but only partial countertops and still boxes everywhere.  Did I mention sewer water here?
Have you ever tried to wash up a kid with water that was possibly tainted?
It's not so hard when one is washing this one
(do you see a speck of yogurt there?!)
but then there is that other punky kid

she insists on the bowl and the yogurt container ;p
I have pitchers of water around the house for our usage and I tell ya, she tries to use her daily stipend and then everyone else's as well.  Yup, I'm the water police around here.
p.s. the valve is getting replaced tomorrow-phew!