Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grocery Gas

. Thursday, May 20, 2010 .

I was waiting for a prescription at the pharmacy the other night.   It was taking a looooonnnnngggg time -- there was a problem with our insurance, ahhhh the joys of being on COBRA. 
 I walked around, perused the latest People and found myself back in the line, only to be turned away.  I figured I'd wait nearby--put the pressure on to finish right :)
The only place to sit was one of those blood pressure machines.  Being the stressed out mom I am, I figure it's about time I did a heart check.  I put my arm in the crazy squeezer cuff and pushed the button to get it to work.  That thing made pressure proud and squeezed on tight.  The squeezing woke up something in my belly and all of a sudden a bubble was squeezed out!   We're talking TooTage here peeps! One, Two and Three toots--with SounD attached!  I couldn't do the toot and run because the squeezer was holding me hostage with it's nuclear squa-eezing power!  Yikes!  The peeps in line were suddenly very interested in my results or something!
  Luckily, my blood pressure was normal :) and I'm looking for a new pharmacy...

At first I didn't consider this blog-worthy, with the whole public forum and all, but then after some other feedback, I thought why not!?  It's an amusing story to remember, right--my grandchildren's grandchildren need to know?!


Vanessa said...

I Love this story. Those cuffs are crazy tight too.