Thursday, May 27, 2010

Death of a coconut-man

. Thursday, May 27, 2010 .

Meet Willy
He was a dreamy coconut, a tough nut to crack.  
Set with determination to open him up we started with some scissors to poke a juice-draining hole
when that didn't work, we broke out a knife

which turned totally scary when the teenager made a loud noise!

(I was pounding with the knife when he popped it-the stinker!)
Then out came the big dogs--the drill!

and then we had lift-off! (note make 2 holes for air flow!)

Willy isn't happy, he's got a premonition of what's to come after the draining

Into the bag we go!

Then out to the pavement

Willy was not having a good day at the office
After a little 'throw-down'

we had fresh coconut!

Don't cry for Willy, he was a dreamer...
Disclaimer:  A coconut was in fact destroyed for this post and there is more than one way to crack a coconut.


Vanessa said...

aww poor Willy.