Tuesday, May 4, 2010


. Tuesday, May 4, 2010 .

AKA-dumbie things people do to their houses

When you paint a room, you typically remove the outlet covers (to avoid the paint splatter of course) especially if you paint like me (read: mess-ay!)...
Typically it's a simple screwdriver assistance thing--unless of course, the previous owners thought it was a brilliant idea to caulk.every.single.one.on-blurg.
Then you have to use a tool to get 'er dun.
After some prying and muttering under your breath...you often end up with this
Groan at the missing pieces of wall...
Then you remember you can break out this

Fun Stuff!
Spackling is great stuff for filling in small holes (which we had a lot of in our house)

It goes on pink and dries white, which is great if you're a teensy bit impatient and want it to dry so you can paint already!
Don't forget to sand it down a bit, otherwise you'll paint over it and realize you have extra ridges that are annoying and then you'll have to paint again and sand and paint and...
until you're happy with it--not that I know anything about that :)