Sunday, May 23, 2010

Landscaping part deux

. Sunday, May 23, 2010 .

This part will probably not be any more informative than the last.  I do have one groovy link for ya...
I am all about xeriscape!  Low water usage (keep that desert alive!), predominantly native to the area etc... Here is an awesome search engine where you can search by type of plant, water usage, flower color, evergreen, etc.  Note: end real info here

 Cactus isn't allowed in our neighborhood, except as an 'accent'-um hello, this giant 100 year old saguaro is my accent.  Anywho, I had all sorts of ideas about what to buy and make our yard a thing to be admired by all--haaaaa.  Then, we had a run-in with a cactus, literally.  The little blt's weren't interested in reading every.single.tag. on the plants at we just bought plants on clearance!  Hello half off, I lurve you! They are primarily xeriscape too.  Here is our planting adventure in pictures...
All the usual suspects...


One was very serious about developing her plant-handling skills

While the other was only interested in water 'handling'

until it handled her

when her sister dumped a bucket of water on her head!

water was the name of the game.  water+dirt=crazeee fun 
This time I let the hubs do most of the digging (hello hard work) while I obsessed over rearranging the river rock in our front yard--OCD, much?!  And there is definitely noooo cactus.  Happy week to you and yours!