Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I want this!

. Tuesday, May 18, 2010 .

I die die die when I see this Liberty of London stuff at Tarjay!  I really want these storage things

 What's funny, is I saw them there around Easter and then poof they were gone.  In fact, all the stuff is on clearance at my Target.  Yet, the website shows they aren't out yet-random?  The real issue is that I cannot find them and I want them now now now!
Alas, perhaps I will wait and then kick myself over them later.
Though really I'd settle for one of these from Amy Butler.
I'll take this one--
Isn't is delovely, delightful, and delicious?!
Let's look again shall we?

le sigh
This one is nice too!

They'd look really great in my house...
Maybe, I could just go visit Amy and roll around in all her beautiful fabric.  She doesn't know that we're bffs. Go look at her shop!  You'll die along with me.

ps-this post was really about the Target crates--to buy or not to buy--thoughts?  I might just pony up and get them, but then again--I always second guess internet purchases.