Sunday, May 9, 2010


. Sunday, May 9, 2010 .

Don't hate me for the embarassing photos to follow...
We are a family of pack-rats.  Like.really.a.lot.lot.lot
We tend to fight the urge to purge around here.  When you move though, the game changes.  We are working at still getting rid of stuff (packing note: purge first, pack second!)
would you believe this is better-we've filled up our trash cans and our neighbors' cans (ssshhhh, we're reverse dumpster divers!)

We've actually already had two garage sales and I think we're ready for a third!  Yowza!  The best part is that it's going to pay for the lighting in my kitchen!  Wait until you see how gah-reat the lights are.  I like them really.a.lot.lot.lot. :)

I have to actually work all week, so my posts will be a little curtailed--so if you're still reading after those awful pics, I'll see ya on the flip side!
ps-really sorry for exposing you to the downfall of too much stuff between two parents and three punky kids