Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Tree!

. Monday, May 24, 2010 .

I'm trying to finish the kitchen!  Really I am!  My whole day was sucked up by a visit to the pedi with the little blt's.  So not much has been going on around our humble abode.
We did plant a tree in the backyard.

  It's actually very sad, there is nada going on back there...there was this awful fountain turned cess-pool that we took out.  

I actually wanted to rent a jack-hammer and diy it, until the guys, we paid a bucket of money, started on it--phew was it crazy hard work.  There was a ton of random cement poured all around the back yard and side that we took out for safety (wild kiddos+cement edges=bad idea).
Then, we just had the barren wasteland.
Our neighborhood used to be a citrus grove and ranch, so everyone is required to plant citrus.  I love citrus trees, tasty grapefruit and orange juice.  Lots of lemonade making with the stuff life gives ya :)
I find the cross-pollinated types exciting--enter in the tangelo tree!
We bought Tammy at--shocker--Lowe's (did you know they guarantee their plant for a year!--groovy for my aphid thumb), and put her in the ground quickly.
Of course we had help from our little planter!

Tammy went in much easier that our first tree planting adventure with Ashley!
Here she is all planted and ready to grow:

And here is the wide shot of the back yard...

Just keepin' it real here folks! :)
And one parting thought!  Gooooooo Suns!