Wednesday, August 8, 2012

cookie monster!

. Wednesday, August 8, 2012 .

Maybe I should say cake monster, not quite the same ring though right?
birthday cake!

 I actually made a Barbie/Belle cake for Em's birthday last year and it's been the cake camp of merriment ever since!
my first cake!

I took some classes at Michaels and away I went!
 Or maybe it was a wake-up call, for why I'll never remove an appendix...steady

fondant fun!
Grills that melted, but were oh so tasty...

such delish burgers!

cake for a surpise bridal shower :) Do you love surpises? I say I do, but really I may be more the read the end of the book first type...

love these easy yet sweet cupcakes!

  Tell me, are you a baker? Do you put in some extra work to make a delovely dessert? next up, the real cookie monster!