Friday, February 19, 2010

Week in Review

. Friday, February 19, 2010 .

Happy Friday!  We had a busy week here at everyone's favorite simple sandwich house...

Last Saturday my son had his last 'regular season' basketball game
He played really well.  They lost :(  He's one of the 'big men' on the team, but the other team is almost all big and VERY aggressive, as in bothers my maternal instinct aggressive. For example, three of the kids on the other team were one foul away from out (there are only 6 kids on the team).
They play the same team tomorrow!  If they can make their shots, they can beat 'em!
We had some fun in the kitchen this week--I'm still cookin'
Though this dish seriously deserves a post all to itself...

The girls played and then got mad--nothing new here

Don't mind the mess--you should see it now--I'm working and blogging and ignoring,
 so there!
Oh!  I cut Emmy's hair!  Yowza!  I thought I took off an inch and a half, turns out when it dried, it was more like 2-2.5!  I love love love it!

In a few weeks, I am co-hosting a baby shower...we decided to make our own candy along with all things like diaper cakes--though we are doing bib cupcakes and onesie lollipops you could say...
The mom-to-be loves all things ocean, so that was our starting point...
We made sea shell candy (have you ever made candy in a mold?)

The pic doesn't really do them justice, they are quite cute and yummy!
The cupcakes and lollipops are adorable

I'll have to post a bunch of stuff from the shower.  For now though, back to work...
Still with me?  Phew, that was a long post :)
Does anyone know how to link your flickr pics to your blogger account and upload them more easily?  I'm dying to know...