Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things I love

. Tuesday, February 9, 2010 .

Here are some random things I can't live without...

Clearly, if I want a good mommy award, I should put the kiddos first

They are so super great, no?  But they don't count as random.  Though my three year old decided randomly today that she doesn't like Sesame Street-Wha!?  I love that show-had to suffer through Handy Manny instead. Boo.

Anywho, a few non-essential things I NEED are-

Ok, so that's not all that original--how cool would it be to be able to do that image in your morning cuppa joe?!  Must add to list of things to learn...
I could drink a ton of coffee, though I never understand why peeps order it decaf--isn't the rush half the point.  I'm no coffee snob-Dunkin', Starbucks, homemade,  day old even in a pinch! --I'll drink any kind, but I am a caffeine snob I suppose.

A back scratcher!

Now that would be my kind of exercise!  Do you own a back-scratcher?  No?  Well first, it is the epitome a cheesy souvenirs--you need that! Plus, they are just so handy for that spot you can't quite reach.  Get.one.asap!

I love my 'puter, our relationship may be approaching unhealthy even...We spend a lot of time together :)  I'd love a new powerbook -sigh-, as this one is getting wayyyyy slloooowww

Lastly, I'd like more time.  Time to blog!  I don't know how people find enough time to write content and read everything that is going on in the bloggy world.  I really love blogs--they're fascinating!

What do you love? It's almost the holiday of love--what or whom is making your short list this year?  I'd **love** to read your random comments!