Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am no Pioneer Woman but I'm cooking!

. Thursday, February 11, 2010 .

This week I've been making dinner from scratch!  Yowza!  That is big for me!  Really I'm not much of a cook, I love to bake but the whole cooking thing eludes me.  I'm a fix-it-and-eat-it-NOW kind of girl.  I'm not into chopping and simmering and WaiTinG for food to be ready.  For the sake of family dinner though, I'm attempting to embrace my inner cook.   Oh and I'm menu planning!  Woot!  Today is leftover night, so with no cutting and stirring on the horizon, I have time to post! 
 I made super easy chicken and noodles!
I cooked the chicken, added soup and noodles and then more soup because it wasn't enough to cover the noodles--it ended up being one heck of a full pan!
Even my picky eater liked it, well as much as she likes anything
And of course who could forget dessert--mmm peanut butter cookies

They were tasty!  Though my oven doesn't seem to cook true to temperature.  My cookies take forever to cook, maybe they're too big?  Who knows, practice makes perfect :)

Last night I made my first lasagna from scratch, sorry no pics--it took for-e-vah and then we had to run out so I completely forgot to take a picture.  It was delicious!  My oldest couldn't believe I made the whole thing! Ha!
In case you don't know who Pioneer Woman is, check out her website here
You will love her!  If you have any easy, and I mean easy, recipes--please share!