Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent has begun!

. Thursday, February 18, 2010 .

Happy Thursday!  Last night we went to church and had a little imposition of the ashes action!  Syl's ashes were much darker than mine--hmm, hidden meaning of need for repentance? just sayin'
I finally settled on my lent plan of attack!
I'm giving up-dun dun duuun...

I'm giving up playing Brick Breaker!  Don't you giggle like that!  It is a seriously addicting blackberry game and yes I'm lame :)  It is hindering my ability to interact with my family while driving (well, when the hubs is driving).  It was a fabulous distraction so that I didn't back seat drive (I hardly ever do that) but now I think I like it a bit too much!
I'm attempting to do the following:
Eat less junk food

I can't give it up completey!  What can I say, I have 3 kids and I work in film production where there are lots of snacks!
Get up earlier!

I always feel like I have a much better handle on the day when I am up before the girls!  I'm hoping to have some prayer time, shower time and maybe even exercise time!  I'll absolutely settle for more coffee and blog time though!

Et, Tu?  
What are you giving up as we lead up to Easter?
  Woot, I love Easter.  Holy week, not so much, but Easter is awesomesauce!  Dyed Eggs, candy and of course the whole stone rolled away pretty much rocks!


Jenn and Aaron said...

I gave up all baked goods, sweets, chocolate, candy- you name it. So far... it stinks, but I've survived 2 whole days. Hopefully just a little while longer before the nasty with drawl is over =)

Good for you lady- those are some hefty goals!