Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ahh the Blog-o-sphere!

. Saturday, January 23, 2010 .

I think reading people's blogs maybe as addicting as facebook!  Are you reading a lot of blogs?   I can spend an entire naptime lost in those glimpses into other peoples' lives.  Whoa Nellie! I may be a stalker!  Seriously,  I'd love to know which ones you are reading?

I want to be one of those affirmative bloggers, but I gotta say there is a bit of negativity hanging around right now :(

Anywho, we've had a wacky week in the BLT house!  We are officially a statistic of the recession with the hubs looking for a job along with a LOT of other peeps...Luckily, I have a shoot for a few days.  Woot for bringing home the bacon!  We wanted to modify our home loan, turns out, our house has lost too much value (um isn't that the point?) for us to qualify.  Boo on stimulus for us!

Who knows what's coming down the road for us, so say a little prayer that our family perseveres this storm. Thanks!  I know God will provide for us, I'm just not big on the uncertainty of it all.


Jaye said...

Oh Shelly! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the hubs finds something soon. I know how scary it can be with the job market so tight. I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts :)
PS - Totally addicted to blogs over here. My blog roll keeps growing!