Friday, January 15, 2010

A renewed promise?

. Friday, January 15, 2010 .

Boo on me!  I haven't blogged much, ok really not at all-bad blogger!  It has been hard to stay on top of!  I find myself loving being lost in blogland-so many creative people!  It's such a great way to waste nap time--click on link after link of blogs... That and things have been so busy and stressful, that I've been afraid of posting things that are overtly negative.
  Anywho, here is my new once a week!  I should be able to handle that right!  Possibly every Friday?  Another blogger I know does this and I think it's a great idea!  So here we go!  Happy Friday everyone, if you're still out there--forgive the hiatus and kudos to those that can stay on top of it all!


Momma V said...

YAY Shell!! I made a promise that i'd blog every day for a year *gulp*. Im on week 2 now and stressed, haha! Cant wait to see what is going on in your life :-)