Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lilly's First Birthday

. Sunday, October 18, 2009 .

My littlest baby, Lilly Belle, turned one (yikes!) about 3 weeks ago!  It was an awesome frog party--everyone came to our Lilly Pad for the shin-dig!  Tami Martin of Tami Martin Photography came and took pictures for us!  Does that seem a little yuppie? Maybe...ya know, I don't care, it was awesome to have her there.  Here are some of my faves...

 Here is the table all set for the party

We had bubbles for favors along with their plate and cups.  I made packages of frog and heart crayons for each little guest. And of course, lots of food!

 These are 'toadstools' that I made from marshmallows dipped in candy and topped with M&Ms and decorated with white icingNow these, are 'toadstools' I made from hard-boiled eggs topped with tomatoes and feta cheese!  The hubs helped with these, I would have done them a little different, but they came out really fun! I read about making them on the internet, but can't remember where now.Ahh, cake!  Lilly loved her cake, once Daddy showed her what was going on...Seriously, cannot believe my little one is into her second year of life!  We were so happy to celebrate this special day with so many family and friends! 


Stradling Family said...

You go all out girlie! Amelia got her birthday at Peter Piper this year. I am not up for that much planning! lol